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The Crossover Wars


Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite


Nigel Boyd Renoir is described as a man with “the quiet voice,” and he is husband to Dana. But they have drifted apart, losing their emotional connection as time went by. Working as a waiter, he’s developed a unique relationship with his co-worker, Angeline, an attraction he thinks was bound to happen. He has been smitten by Angeline, who is married to George, while they worked together. But Angeline has been forced to leave her job by a manager who became enamored of her and was rejected. When Nigel sets out to look for Angeline, he is unaware that his quest will lead him onto a path he never envisioned, putting him up against law enforcement officers and on a path to Sand Ridge Asylum for the Criminally Insane. He started out to find a woman he is madly in love with, but his actions are about to ignite the Crossover Wars. And will he uncover the truth about Angeline’s murder? Can he get justice for her in a world that is as sordid as it is unjust?


The Crossover Wars (Goodbye Angeline, Unabridged) by S. Warren Winslow is an enticing story of love and one man’s journey to reconnect with the love of his life. The plot is ingeniously written with twists that readers will love. The narrative voice is irresistible, and Nigel’s first-person voice is utterly absorbing where it is featured, unique, and filled with both sarcasm and humor. The protagonist is a well-developed character. He is intelligent and possesses an analytical mind. The writing is suspenseful and the author does an impeccable job in exploring the angle of “who murdered Angeline Arlander?” The Crossover Wars is a powerful story, classic in style, and featuring memorable characters. The characters come to life on these pages and readers feel compelled to mingle with them.

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