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The Crossover Wars


Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

The Crossover Wars: Goodbye Angeline, Unabridged by S. Warren Winslow is the story of Nigel Renoir as he tried to find his girlfriend, but things turned out far worse than he imagined. Nigel just has one thing on his mind; to find Angeline. She owns his heart, mind, and soul and there is nothing that can stop him from getting her back. They love each other, but to reunite, Nigel has to get out of a criminally insane asylum. He knows she is in trouble; all he has to do is convince his doctor he is not mad and help Angeline. No one believes him when he tells them there are alternate realities of their lives and each one is different. Somehow, Nigel can experience them. Will he be able to convince his doctor in time to save Angeline? Or will his doctor think of him as nothing but an insane criminal?

The Crossover Wars is an intense novel that has layers upon layers of a complex plot. The suspense is real and Nigel is the epicenter of it. There is a lot of mystery around Nigel, and for the longest time I was unable to decide if he was the hero or the anti-hero. He is complex, he is smart yet he is very vulnerable in his desperation. I enjoyed how S. Warren Winslow gave a preface to the story, allowed the reader to feel confusion before explaining everything. Each chapter is titled in a way to give a premonition of what will come next. The relationship between Nigel and the doctor is very shaky, but that changes as Nigel narrates his story. The fact that we don’t know Nigel’s name until a little further into the story adds to the suspense and helps the reader form a connection with the character. I found this story to be a good one and the cliffhanger only makes me wish for a sequel.

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