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The Crossover Wars

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What's "The Crossover Wars (Goodbye Angeline Unabridged)" About?

The Crossover Wars fits into the genre of science fiction, but as the author, I see it as a deeper commentary on human life. The story covers a time span of about twenty years in the life of one young boy, Nigel Boyd Renoir, as he grows to manhood. In looking at him for the first time, the average person may have seen just some little kid lost in New Orleans after Katrina.

Nigel is more than just one person, however — he is an individual with several incarnations in divergent lives, somebody who is a recurring theme throughout contrasting realities. Each repetition of him lives a different existence, in separate alternate worlds, under unique circumstances. This little lost boy becomes the only one of these who can easily access all of the different realities.

The reader gets to go along for the ride, seeing how Nigel’s character grows and develops. When we first meet him, he’s a patient in Sand Ridge Asylum for the Criminally Insane, telling a rather maudlin tale of unrequited love for one Angeline Arlander. He’s being questioned by a detective who’s investigating the apparent disappearance of Nigel’s less beloved live-in girlfriend, having opened up this dialog by presenting himself as a psychiatrist specializing in treating the criminally insane. As the story progresses, more and more details about who Nigel is and his connection to a multiverse of Earths (real Earths, not earth-like planets) become apparent.

Later in the story, we are introduced to a Marine general whose true identity is revealed in the course of the narrative as an unexpected twist. He’s a refugee from one of the realities that Nigel walked into way back when, at the age of five. The General and his wife have been stand-ins for Nigel’s own mother and father, thus, their relationship becomes one of the cornerstones of the story.

The Crossover Wars is a science fiction love story, a military story, a commentary on Humanity's inability to be honestly impartial, and a tale of families in crisis, all in one book. There are malicious mad geniuses formulating pandemic viruses, forcibly mutated humanity who become malignant aliens, gun blazing battles in the Utah desert presided over by a red-caped military officer, and at least three versions of the United States of America, where the novel was written. With all of that, other elements of the story are still close enough to reality for the reader to feel that this could happen here....

 "The Crossover Wars (Goodbye Angeline unabridged)" can be found in e-Book paperback and Hardback formats.


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The Crossover Wars: Goodbye Angeline, Unabridged (9781735642246): Winslow, S Warren: Books


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The Crossover Wars: Goodbye Angeline, Unabridged by S. WARREN WINSLOW, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

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