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The Crossover Wars


Author's Thoughts

Hello everyone and anyone.

After my first work, "Goodbye Angeline" had been completed for a while, I recognized that it wasn't the entire story I'd wanted to write. It was just the skeleton of a richer tale. Thus, that story went back to the drawing board, so to speak. I made up a "research & development" file, then proceeded to research and develop. The Crossover Wars (goodbye Angeline unabridged) was the result of that effort. It's written in a series of chapters that are episodes in Nigel Renoir's life and the lives of those around him. There are "interludes" that tell of events occurring in the past, present and other realities, all of which complete the picture.

There are over 700 pages of adventure in this tale. Sometimes I think that maybe it should have been broken up into at least two books, but understand please, dear reader, that at the time, I had no idea how I'd get ONE book published, let alone two. So yes, it's a lot of book, but don't let that scare you. it's good all the way through. So read it the way you'd eat an elephant, if you must; a little at a time, but by all means, please take the time to read the tale and enjoy the ride.

To be honest, "The Crossover Wars" is a beast of a different sort, as science fiction tales go. Before actually penning it, I'd already decided to just write for the sheer enjoyment of telling a story in print. There was no deadline, so whatever time it would take, it took. I'd research as much as necessary, think everything through in order to keep the story cohesive and enjoy the movie that lived inside my head as I wrote it down. The resultant work was everything I aimed for in that story. If it turned out well, so be it. If it were to sprout wings and fly through the wide blue skies of popularity, so be it. One more thing; there are 3 excellent reviews posted here. I greatly appreciate each one of the reviewers (whom I've never met) and their reviews. Just to be clear, though, I want to point out that Dana Lacy was Nigel's live-in girlfriend; they weren't married and she wasn't his wife, because neither one wanted such commitment; that is an important facet of the story. You'll understand when you read it.

I love to cook great food, and there are very few compliments to a chef that carry the weight of an empty plate and a person whose belly has been filled. That's what I hope for with "The Crossover Wars." It would be wonderful if a reader just couldn't put the book down for long, or if all the mental images from their consumption of the story keep calling them back to it and they say "I can't wait to see the sequel." I want this work to be read and enjoyed by as many people as possible. That's why it's become time to retask my poetry website in order to exhibit "The Crossover Wars." 

Now, I'm not deleting the poetry that you'll find here; just moving it around. Poetry was the first thing I've ever written, and it's just as special as anything else.

There will be pictures, articles, and maybe even a short story or two. Anyone who wants to ask questions can email me at I welcome your comments.

 "The Crossover Wars (Goodbye Angeline unabridged)" can be found in e-Book paperback and Hardback formats.


on Amazon's website; 

The Crossover Wars: Goodbye Angeline, Unabridged (9781735642246): Winslow, S Warren: Books


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The Crossover Wars: Goodbye Angeline, Unabridged by S. WARREN WINSLOW, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

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