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The Crossover Wars

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Peacock (One For The Racists)

Funny thing about racism, bigots, and the like; truth is, these prople hate and hate until it eats them up from the inside out, but none ever learn what their real problem is.

I've noticed that there is no such thing as a racist who isn't a perpetual complainer. whiner, and griper.

Racism goes deep, though,and there really are some people who aren't complaining gripers, but are racists all the same. So, here's one for the Racists:



Here they are again,

all crowded around to admire my fan!

I spread it out and it’s sooo beautiful to look at

Oh, my, how they really love it when I do that!

Why, they “ooh” and they “ahh” over all my fine-looking feathers,

and they delight in the diversity of all the different colors

that God Gave me and all my other brothers!


Now, maybe

I’m just a dimwitted birdbrain whose mind is only as big as a pea,

but I really don’t think they’re that much smarter than me,

Because what I struggle to mentally grasp,

(and if I could talk, I would ask)

and what I grope in my miniscule thoughts to understand,

is how they feel such and so much delight when they see

the different colors of birds like me,

but despise the different colors of Man.

Stephen W. Winslow

Portrait of S. Warren Winslow
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