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The Crossover Wars


great work!!


I love your poems. Keep on

writing brother!


It’s Alejandro!


way to go Steve.


Book is a very good read capturing

your attention the whole way through.

Also is very funny and captivating all

in the same way. Overall 👍👍


Great poem Steve!
It has the rhythm of a dance.

POETRY BOOK    Stories in the stream of life


til the end of my days.

I watch my own back,

won’t depend on nobody else for that.

I don’t have no “spot”

and won’t have no “place.”

I’ll forever walk off —

wander away,

always — roam.

Cause it’s what I do best

since I know that no place is my home.

Maybe I’ll head North.

Maybe I’ll ride West.

No matter, cause

I honestly know that wherever I am, I don’t belong.

Hey, it’s no worry, I don’t cry,

it’s no problem - I ain’t the moanin’ type,

cause it is what it is.

I got lots of acquaintances, but very few friends.

And really, I’m not all that sorry

that I do best when I keep my own company.

Still, there are times, sometimes

when I’m ridin the lonely mountains

or watchin a blazing sunrise, 

that I sort of wish that it wasn’t just me 

and I could share the sights I see.

That moment comes once, every now and again,

and then, 

it’s gone

cause things are what they are.

So, I mount up and move on.

It’s time again, to go on and roam.

Just a little farther,

just a little longer.

Yeah, I’ll always be a Loner. 

Portrait of S. Warren Winslow
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