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The Crossover Wars


great work!!


I love your poems. Keep on

writing brother!


It’s Alejandro!


way to go Steve.


Book is a very good read capturing

your attention the whole way through.

Also is very funny and captivating all

in the same way. Overall 👍👍


Great poem Steve!
It has the rhythm of a dance.

POETRY BOOK    Stories in the stream of life

"Let Me Help"

Okay, so, yes, I do remember Captain Kirk's telling Edith Keeler that some guy from outer space would write this, and it would be a galaxy - wide hit, and my thinking on that is; HA!

I'm not from outer space (not that I know of, anyway), and maybe no one or everyone will read this, but here it is, for better or worse.

I feel that the act of asking someone to let you help them really does convey more emotion than the old "I love you" - why?

Because to get up and help someone requires EFFORT, a taking out our personal time for someone else, and time is the currency in which our lives are measured, so whenever one person gives up time for another person, well, isn't that like giving up a little piece of your life?

Why would anyone do that for someone else if they didn't really love them?


“Let Me Help”

 The man she thought was her man

told her how ever so much he loved her

and during their moments of intimacy

o how he would embrace her so intimately

Then, eventually, he left her.

Sometime later, adversity beset her

So he told her that he cared to be there

but he just didn’t have the time

Yet he’d call her if he could, even swearing that he would.

But, despite all the touching tales of his love for her that he would tell

never once did he just say “Let me help.”


The shape of time shifted, like sand — and

into her life there stepped another man, one

who told her how he adored her —

said he enjoyed

everything about her

and subsequently,

left her,

after saying that he loved her

Later, when the burdens of her life became heavy to bear,

he told her how much he liked her and wished he could be there

but a difficult situation at his home

(the home to which she never knew he belonged)

wouldn’t let him get away

not that day, anyway...

but his love for her was such that

as though he really meant as much, he sincerely wished her well

but he never once said one simple sentence —

“Let me help.”


She was alone for a span, then there came yet another man

He told her that he loved her, and oh, how he adored her...

so, seemingly as if a gift of time, their souls became entwined

one with the other, always near, dear, confidential and familiar.

But doubt of her devotion and concerns in the ocean of life

ripped him away to another space in a lonely place....

At a later time in that same life, when he heard the word of —

hardships that she was enduring, and experiencing sufferings

caused by a harsh situation in that location where she was,

and how she was struggling,

for him, there were no ands, no buts, no questions of if

he would not just get there if he could or send to see if she was well

He simply made his way to her and said “Let me help.”

They are still together today

For them, it will always be that way


There was a man who was a fool

he loved a woman through and through,

never caring what depths She would drive him to.

But into the flow of their life there came a day

when far and apart She wanted to play

and while steadily, unhesitantly walking away,

still She said She loved him so...

He bowed his heart, he held his head, and watched Her go.

A longtime friend of his, another “she”

detected his distress and despondency —

this one could see the hurt he felt ...

And so expressed her true feelings with simplicity -

with a deeply heartfelt loveborne query;

“Will you let me help?”


But he was loyal to the bone, and though struggling alone

would watch the stars of the night and wait for Her return,

never giving in to the loneliness of his home,

always watching, always waiting; for Her



Her feet whirled in dance upon worlds he would never know

Her eyes took in sights of men he would never see

But every now and again, after having Her emotions worn thin,

and being tired of futureless intimacy

She’d give him a call just to let him know

that in the eyes of her mind, She still loved him so

and She’d return when She could, but right now She had to go —



While She was gone, he held up their home

He worked in the fields and cared for their young

‘til the day She returned, with paramour in tow

saying; “Don’t believe what you see —

you’re really the only one for me,

and without a doubt, I love you truly!

It’s just that the law is after him — and me,

and so we have to leave.”


Thus, she took off for the stars of the night

continuing her flight, living a life in a world he did not know.

He bowed his head, he held his heart, watched her depart;

and let her go.


There was a man who was a fool

but even this fool could see the truth.

Time never tells lies

and with time, even blinded eyes

can eventually stand to see

a life’s reality

for what it is.

So his heart echoed the tune

that his mind already knew -

she had never really ever been his...


Along came his longtime friend

A woman who knew the beauty of the man he held within

the one who always adored him and knew who he was

She uttered no fancily worded professions of love

There were no long and lying sweet words that She’d tell

All She really thought of him and all She ever felt

came in one simple phrase; “Please, let me help.”

they are happily together today

for them, it will always be that way...


“I love you” can be real, “I love you” could be true

But, “I love you” too often, is just a simple substitute

For “I want to do what ever I desire

To you, with you, about you, over you, or without you,

And never pay any price or sacrifice

To keep you, never want to care for you;

I just want you on my wire,

Just to spite you.”


But, “Let me help you.” means; “Here I come, I will be there,

I will sacrifice the highest price

That any human could ask; I will give my time,

To care for you, to keep you warm

To be there for you - this gift is mine

to give to you, since I feel for you,

Because of you, and who you are


let me help …”  

Stephen W. Winslow

Portrait of S. Warren Winslow
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